Part 1: 5 Best Kopitiams in Puchong for the Locals
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1 ) Restoran Big Family

@ J Wawa

This is perhaps the most straight forward name for a coffee shop that depicts the atmosphere accurately. Indeed, it is a big family with more than 20 stalls operating side by side, dishing out their very best. Most will have just one or two good food stalls in a sea of a few but over here, to pick one of the best stalls is utterly impossible. Each stall is so good with their very own signature dish that to sample just from one would be a crime. This is the reason why Puchongites keep going back, day and night just to try out a few more stalls.

@ J Wawa

There are mixed porridge, char kuey teow, curry noodles, bak kut teh, chee cheong fun, pork leg vinegar stew, hakka “lui cha”, just to name a few. If you are with a group of friends or family, this will be the ideal spot to try them all. The char kuey teow stall is one of the busiest there, with its recipe maintained close to the Penang version filled with generous amount of Chinese sausage, cockles, prawns and a choice of chicken or duck egg.

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@ Tien Sheng

The mixed porridge is also very popular here, evidently with boxes and boxes of fried pork intestines replenished from time to time. The Bak Kut Teh may be a tiny stall here, dwarfed out by the usual big restaurants that primarily only sells Bak Kut Teh, but its taste is definitely one to be reckon with. The seller is very passionate of his simmering herbal broth and each piece of pork is stewed meticulously before serving them to the customers.

@ J Wawa

@ J Wawa

@ Chong Chee Fei

The number of stalls gradually increases and one couldn’t help but wonder how many more can this coffee shop accommodate. We shall leave that thought for another day and focus on all the good food served here instead.

Address                  : 2, Jalan Puteri 5/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating hours      : Opens every day from 7am-11pm


2) Restoran 2323

This kopitiam currently houses the once elusive Ipoh chicken hor fun stall that was previously operated in another coffee shop that has already closed down. Many Puchongites were searching high and low for it and later on, news of this precious stall has emerged, to be spotted sitting in Restoran 2323. More than 50% of the customers here go for one and one thing only, the authentic Ipoh chicken hor fun.

@ Ze Ming Tan

It closes on Sundays and Mondays, and the crowd dwindles accordingly when this particular stall is not opened. The owner of the stall is the son of the famous Thean Chun Ipoh chicken hor fun seller. Some would argue that it is not just comparable to the one in Ipoh but may even be better in terms of the quality of ingredients used and a bigger portion served.

@ Ze Ming Tan

The broth is unlike any other chicken hor fun we may find in the Klang Valley. It is highly rich in taste and has a unique appearance which is a well-guarded recipe of theirs, passed down from one generation to another. The hor fun is silky smooth and according to the owner, the hor fun is made and produced in Ipoh. It goes without saying that we don’t need to travel all the way to Ipoh to enjoy a bowl of Authentic Ipoh chicken hor fun.

Address                  : 23, Jalan Kenari 7, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Operating hours      : Opens every day except Monday from 7.30am-2.30pm

3) Restoran Puchong Food Court Center

This kopitiam doesn’t have many stalls albeit a large premise with 2 shops lots. What really stands out from here is a particular stall that offers a great number of dishes. It is amazing to see a stall that most of the time has at least 4 workers working on it, indicating how good the business is, and churning out dishes upon dishes.

Not to be missed is the good variety of delicious meat, from its crunchy roasted pork to the fragrantly charred sweet pork (char siew), and of course the usual steam and roasted chicken. It can be served on rice, wantan mee and a selection of other noodles. The Chai Boey (Mustard Green Stew) is also not to be missed. It has the right amount of spiciness and sourness which is not overpowering, perfect to go with rice as it is highly appetising. Some would just order a plate of their famed roasted pork as a snack while seeping a hot cup of kopi’O.

Address: No. 60, Jalan BPU 1, Kawasan Perniagaan Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Operating hours: Opens every day from 7.00am-2.30pm

  4) Restoran Tiam Hao Yuan

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Just adjacent to Restoran Puchong Food Court Center, Restoran Tiam Hao Yuan is equally huge in size, with 2 shop lots as well but more stalls to it. The most notable stall would be the pork noodles. Long waiting time is also to be expected and sometimes it’s sold out even before 10.30am. The pork meat is always fresh in taste, simmered beautifully in a flavourful broth. They even have a choice of original pork noodle, a spicy rendition or with bitter gourd added to it.

The claypot lou shu fan is another local’s favourite and one could quickly see why is that so. A strong aroma coupled with beautiful garnishing, and of course the great taste pretty much sums up the satisfactory sensation for sight, smell and taste. Generous amount of ground meat are added and a nicely done soft boiled egg on top to give an even more silky smooth texture to the lou shu fan.

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@ flickr

Enjoy the great vibes here while you eat with the common scene of local Puchongites meeting up every morning for a good chat of what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

Address: Jalan BPU 2, Sek 1 Puchong 47100 Puchong

Opens daily from 6am-4pm

Café Masakan Terengganu Asli

Our last entry is somewhat not the conventional coffee shop. Tucked in a spot pretty much obscured to the public’s eye, it is located on the grounds of a mosque area at Bandar Kinrara Puchong. This very gem serves authentic Terengganu local specialties. One whiff of the aroma, dancing tantalizingly into your nostrils will absolutely increase your tolerance for a long queue. There are a few servers taking up orders and allowing patrons to customize by adding on what they want, aside from a pre-set dish. It wouldn’t take too long before your turn to succumb to every dish on the menu.

@ Erie Yusoff

Terengganu cooks are true masters in preparing flavourful rice. Cooking it into perfection is deemed by many, a ridiculously tedious process to achieve the best in texture and flavour. Be spoilt for choice when you browse through their extensive menu. The main highlights here are nasi dagang, nasi minyak which you can choose either served with chicken or beef, Laksam (a unique type of laksa) and keropok lekor.

@ Mohammad Nidzar Ali

The nasi dagang is a dish not to be missed as you will see a mountain of freshly cooked rice with coconut milk, chunks of fish, pickled cucumbers and carrots, lining up the table at the ordering counter. The combination of flavours exuded from each ingredient keeps the patrons coming back for more.

@ Amira-MNoor

The keropok lekor sells out pretty fast so be sure to swing by early in the morning before it runs out. Unlike the typical keropok lekor that are sold in most part of Klang Valley, the Terengganu variant has a chewier texture and you can taste the fish more distinctly rather than a handful of flour. Undoubtedly, patrons will gobble down as many plates of keropok lekor as they could before it runs out. Aside from keropok lekor, they have many other types of malay kuih to fulfil your cravings for something sweet and savoury.

@ Amira-MNoor

Address: Masjid Al Ehsan, Bandar Kinrara, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opens every day (except Monday) from 7.30am-12pm on the weekends and 8am-10pm on weekdays.

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