Restaurants from the Bygone Era
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Blast from the past, let us peek into a few food establishments from the bygone era that are still operating today. Time stood still upon entering these remarkable restaurants which amazingly retains most of its original recipes and the ambience that would easily got you mistaken for a moment of being transported back into the past. The stark contrast of these old buildings that stood the test of time, against its surrounding of endless fast-paced development does brings us a somewhat melancholic feeling and an utter appreciation of how good food and life used to be. Let’s tune in to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole while we dive into the past.


1) Coliseum Café & Hotel


This café with a sturdy cowboy bar exterior really stands out from its boisterous surroundings. The swing doors at the entrance reminds us of the old cowboy films of an outlaw making a grand entry. Once inside, an overwhelming sight of old photographs adorn the walls of the premise, with the old bar and stools still affixed majestically on its spot. This is once upon a time the rendezvous for our parents going on a date which I bet, even the sheer mention of this place will have them chuckling.

@ Alvis Foo

@ Elaine Pang

The eatery still boasts an impressive menu of more than 300 items to choose from, both local and western. The oxtail soup is the signature here, full of intricate taste and rich in texture. It is served with soft fluffy bread and a thick slab of butter, enriching your palate before moving into the mains. The sirloin steak is another signature here, flambé before your very eyes by the servers that is always ready to make your dining experience wonderful. For dessert, the banana fritters with ice-cream is the top choice to complete your meal. Sway your night away by hitting back to the bar with a good cocktail in hand. Reminiscing the past with your companion, while having a sip is a good way to end the night with a nurtured soul.

@ Alan Lim

Address: 98, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.


2) Café Capitol

@ 優小樂

Yet another establishment which is not too far from Coliseum Café, located at what was once known as Batu Road. The setting of the place is pretty much how we could imagine the days of Malaya used to be. The colonial era-looking of the interior immediately sets the mood to the tune of old P.Ramlee songs. The food served here is a true reflection and symbol of the Malaysian spirit, having Nasi Padang, Rojak and Mee Hailam among others.

@ Zol M

@ Fadhli Farizi

The satay is also another favourite here amongst the locals with a choice of either chicken or beef, grilled into a smoky and charred perfection. Although it is not indicated as halal, but the respect that this eatery command can be seen with the sight of patrons from all races coming here to mingle and trying out each dishes with delight. It is even a common sight to witness an elderly Malay man speaking Hokkien to a Chinese lady, laughing away heartily which one could only conclude that they have been friends for decades. Explore down the memory lane along Batu Road once you are done with your meal to complete your experience in good old fashion way.

@ Aiko Yoshida

Address: 213, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.


3) Sek Yuen

@ Ang Ah Meng

The mesmerizing neon lights at the front of the institution resembles how the old Shanghai used to be. Classical and slightly forlorn, the interior gives out a warmth ambience while dining in. Rice is served the same old way back in the 40’s, steamed in cups while you wait for your dishes to arrive.

@ Thomas Tuan

Take some time to admire the faded black and white photographs hung at the walls alongside vintage wall fans, featuring chefs of yesteryears. The space of this premise is spacious with really high ceilings as how Chinese architecture used to be. Back in the kitchen, the sight of chopped wood blocks still being used for food preparation is a stunning reminder of how Sek Yuen can still woo the crowds.

@ Michael Tan

@ Marcus Tay

The dishes served are nothing short of awe and astonishment. The cold dish is an old-time favourite appealing to a big crowd, and usually served in the beginning of dinner for a spectacular start before dishes upon dishes make their way onto the table. Classics like sweet and sour pork, deep fried pork balls, village steam chicken and stir-fried shark fin with egg adds to the flamboyance of the table.

@ Joyce P

It’s truly a night set in the 40’s at Sek Yuen, with all the glamour of neon lights and divine food.

Address: No. 313-1 & 315, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


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