The Ultimate Guide to the Best Homemade Noodles in Klang Valley
posted at: 04-11-2019 | author: foodcrush

Noodle is one of the simplest forms of comfort food especially in the Asian community. Coming in various forms from Japanese ramen, Chinese pulled-noodles, Indonesian fried noodles and so on, thus making noodles as essentially a big part in Asian culinary. Malaysia is so uniquely diversified that even when it comes to noodle making, we have so much to offer. Here are the list of homemade noodles available in the Klang Valley region that we took great pride in.

1) Chong Ko Hakka Noodle

@ Chuan Koon Ang

Originated from Kuala Lipis, it has a branch in Pandah Indah to the delight of us living in Kuala Lumpur. The main highlight here is of course the hakka noodle. Fresh and chewy with a choice of a thick or thin cut. Instead of seasoning it with dark sauce, the hakka noodles are so good that they don’t want it to be tainted with any type of sauce. Rather, it is just eaten on its own with just a clear broth to go along.

@ Keh Lip Tan

Just like how a good ramen should be in Japan, everything is done simplistically to bring out the natural flavours of simple and fresh ingredients. Garnished with freshly chopped scallions and a little bit of minced meat to go along, it is indeed a bowl of joy. Even their chili sauce is homemade and is a must to go along with your noodles. Eat them like the locals do back in Kuala Lipis by putting generous amount of their chili sauce into your noodles and mix them well. The flavours are bold, distinctive and heavenly.

@ Andrew-Lee

Tremendously understated and overlooked is their lou shu fan. Though it is rarely highlighted on their menu, it is a must to try as well. Unlike the usual form which is slippery, smooth and silky, Chong Ko’s rendition is somewhat of the exact opposite. Course, not uniform in shape and bulky, but ironically, its deceptive looks doesn’t match with its taste. It’s really chewy and munching on them is a sheer delight. Come early for the queue is usually long and parking spots are hard to come by.

@ 優小樂

Restaurant Uncle Seng

Housed in the busy part of Subang Jaya, this humble looking shop is sure to arouse one’s curiosity with what’s going on at the veranda with a big crowd looming to get a table. Even so, it’s done quite systematically where they will sit you on a designated table at your turn. So no more fighting over a table to spoil your mood for good food.

@ Betty Liew

Uncle Seng’s signature noodles are thick, firm, bouncy and chewy. It would appear so that the noodles are homemade, based entirely on the appeal of texture as it doesn’t really give out much flavour on its own. Which works out fine actually as the taste and flavour is accentuated from the blend of homemade chili sauce. The chili sauce is purposely made less spicy and with a tinge of mild sweetness to appeal to all. The combination works perfectly just like toast with coffee. There are a few toppings to go along and the portion is huge. So, for big eaters craving for good noodles, Uncle Seng is a place not to be missed. It is no doubt one of the best homemade noodles in Subang Jaya and now they even have a branch in Puchong. Still, it’s always recommended to eat at its original location from where it all started.

@ Si Min Hong


@ Terence Huet

Fun Kee Bamboo Noodle

@ Sam Kuek

This shop in Sg. Besi has been around for more than 40 years with not much changes to the quaint interior décor. The highlight of it all is of course its noodle where it uses a traditional method in preparing them. Perhaps quite laborious on its process with the staff using the bamboo to flex and flattened out the noodles which will eventually lead to a thin, springy and lighter texture, all working in favour to satisfy your taste buds.

@ Jake Nong

On top of that, the seasoning of the noodles for the wantan mee is as old-school as can be whereby the older generation would tell you how wantan noodle used to taste like and Fun Kee still maintains the authenticity of it. With some sesame oil added to it for the taste and slippery texture, it is no doubt giving some patrons great memories into the past with nostalgic value.

@ Helen Ho


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