What is FoodCrush?

Hunting Your Next Meal?

FoodCrush allows you to hunt for your next awwwwe-some meal in many different kind of ways. Browse through our featured restaurants, filter out categories or search for the restaurant that you’ve always wanted to go to! Read reviews, ratings and look at awesome pictures and get your tastebud tantalised.

Let us decide for you

So you’ve found a place that you would like to eat in. Great. But the challenge is to choose that one item in the menu that will leave you satisfied. Fret not! FoodCrush will allow you to check out what’s recommended and trending in the restaurant. On top of that, get additional details like business hours, menu, and location all with a single tap.

What’s good nearby?

Need something real quick and you’re not sure what the vicinity has to offer you. Problem solved. Use FoodCrush and hit on the “ Nearby " function to search for restaurants nearby. What’s more, you will also be able to look at featured restaurants and offers nearby.

Keep In Touch!

While searching for good food, shares with your friends! See what they are hunting on their next meal, you can always check-in places and give reviews too!

Bookmark Your Next Meal!

Browsing FoodCrush and saw some pictures that left you drooling in the middle of the night? Bookmark them to remind you to dine-in for your next meal! We’ve definitely made life easier for you. Admit it.

Sign Up Cardless Membership!

Tired of bringing wallet/purse full of cards? Sign up exclusive cardless membership with restaurants! Goodbye bulky wallet/purse!

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