12 Best Dessert Places in Penang
posted at: 27-05-2019 | author: foodcrush

Who does not like desserts? We at foodcrush are here to help you out! You can have coffee, cakes etc. while hanging out with your friends and family, enjoying quality time. Below are 12 must-go dessert places in Penang.

1) Kota- When Francis Meet Rempah

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When everyone is going for modern and/or eastern desserts, Kota goes back to our origin; with deserts made of rempah (local herbs and spices). Have you ever imagined nasi lemak can be made into a cake? The creative innovations at Kota made it possible. Nasi lemak cake has a spicy flavored biscuit base with sponge cake, coconut milk cream and cucumber flavored jell. On top of that you have peanuts and ikan bilis! The signature dessert at Kota is its trio of Crème Brulee with caramel sugar coating. It comes in 3 flavors, black glutinous rice, gula Melaka and pandan. This surely worth trying!

2) Budan’s Brew Coffee

Budan’s Brew Coffee’s cozy ambiance and comforting wind is surely to delight you. Its coffee is freshly brewed from the beans. Their chocolate roll is worth trying out. Served at the right temperature, it is flaky and crispy with chocolate oozing out. It is not overwhelmed with chocolate; a perfect combination of chocolate and pastry skin. Besides chocolate rolls, Budan has a wide variety of freshly baked bread for bread lovers. The huge sized croissant is crisp with a strong buttery flavor. It is definitely a must-try.

3) 15 grams

15 grams is a little cozy placed housed in the same lot of a hair salon. However, it still offers a variety of cakes, pastries and coffee. There are some seating place right in front of the coffee bar where you can chat and see how freshly brewed coffee are made. 15 grams places great attention to its food presentation, example, its Lemon Sponge Cake is glazed by lemon icing and jeweled with a piece of lemon. Perfect to go with a cup of coffee. For those with a sweet tooth, you may try their chocolate browned which comes with a Matcha ice-cream.

4) China House

China House is built with a lane concept from Beach Street to Victoria Street. Its best selling beverage is gula Melaka and almond milkshake. If you are a cake lover, here is the place! The center of the house is the bakery table with 30 different cakes daily! On a Saturday night, sales can rise up to 456 slices of cake and it does not stop here. New recipe is introduced everyday! So what are you waiting for?

5) HH+ by Haven Harbour

If you love chocolate lava cake, this is the place! It’s Chocolate Molten which comes with dark chocolate molten lava, berries, oreo crumb and vanilla ice-cream is heavenly! For chocolate lovers, ice Belgium chocolate is a must-try drink! Besides these, HH+ serves a variety of coffee and non-caffeine drinks as well. If you are hungry, main courses are available too.

6) The Craftisan

Attention all Gelato lovers! The Craftisan is a newly opened ice-cream parlor with its main focus on infusing tea into their gelato. They have Match and even Tie Kuan Yin (Chinese tea) gelato! During the Durian season, they even have Durian ice-cream. The tea-infused ice-cream cut through the creaminess and stickiness of the gelatin dessert. Tie Kuan Yin ice-cream’s texture is a little sorbet like. The café is spacious with natural lighting. Good for gatherings.

7) Urban Artisan

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A must-visit for softserve ice-cream lovers! Urban Artisan do serves interesting, innovative softserve ice-cream. Though the menu only shows single flavor ice-creams, do ask the staff for “Special of the Day” as their mix flavoured ice-cream is truly yummy! Example, Natural Taro Yam + Dark Chocolate. Not only it looks good, it has the taste of both worlds. They have homemade tau fu fa and soya bean as well.

8) 92 Armenian

Looking for a healthy and yummy dessert? 92 Armenian is your choice as they serve bird nest desserts! Many think that bird nests are expansive. However, here, it is affordable. It is famous for its bird nest egg tart. The egg tarts come with crumbly crust and smooth egg custard. Besides bird nest egg tarts, they have bird nest cakes too! The bird nest mango cake is definitely worth a try. Bird nest jelly is something you can savor as well but it is not really for the sweet tooth. Featuring colorful vintage floor tiles, antique tables, chairs and cabinets, it further enhances the experience having bird nest desserts.

9) Chapel Street Café

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Chapel Street Café mainly serves breakfast and brunch such as its Lazy Brekkie. What accompanies a breakfast or brunch best? Coffee! Its Rose Mocha is definitely as lovely as a rose! If you are not a coffee lover, you can try out its Babycino. Do not be fooled by its name. There is no coffee in it, rest assured.

10) Frank Laurent

This café is spacious and new. As it is new, the choices are limited. However, it is a good place for gathering. The prices are very affordable. You might end up chatting the whole afternoon here. Artfully presented, Chocolate luxury is not only beautiful, it is delicious. Its thick chocolate melts in the mouth.

11) Huey & Wah

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If you love marshmallows, you will certainly love Huey & Wah. They use all natural ingredients. There are few classic combos for you to choose from: Passion fruit marshmallow in warm milk, vanilla marshmallow in hot cocoa and funky stout marshmallows in milo-o. Besides marshmallows, they serve brunch too. Power House is worth a try. It comes with a free coffee or tea.

12) 2F+ coffee roaster

2F+ coffee roaster serves not only coffee and cakes, but main courses as well such as spaghetti, bagel, bread lasagna,sandwiches etc. The coffee brand they serve is Illy. It is 1 of the world lowest caffeine ingredient coffee in the world, suitable for those who love coffee but worry about gastric problems. The ambient of the place is nice and relaxing. It is an ideal place for you to spend your afternoon.

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