9 Best Places for MATCHA in Penang
posted at: 27-05-2019 | author: foodcrush

Calling all Macha lovers! Craving for Matcha but not sure where to go? We have a list of the best Matcha places for you!

1) Metisser Patisserie

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Located at Ropewalk Piazza in the heart of George Town, Metisser Patisserie is a new shop-lot just opposite Prangin Mall at Jalan Pintai Tali. It provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. The interior decoration of the place is classy and sophisticated unlike the usual cottage or romantic style. White color is heavily used in the café to provide a clean and simple look while you indulge in your favorite Macha.

2) Sugar On Top (SOT)

The ambient of the café is surely relaxing. Inspired by the colorful antique tiles of the pre-war buildings in Penang, its colorful window surely stands out from other café. The café is currently running a pop quiz contest on Facebook. So, do check them out and win some SOT Hokkaido Matcha Hotcake! This hotcake is SOT’s most popular dessert. It is soft and fluffy with oozing Macha when sliced open. It is beautifully presented with raspberries and blueberries as well.

3) Lunabar

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4) Dolce Dessert

Every spot of this creative and funky designed café is picture perfect. Suitable for those who love photo taking along with their favorite dessert. It is cozy yet modish. Besides chairs and tables, they have sofas for you to relax while enjoying your Macha. There is a particular part of the café for those who prefer some outdoorsy ambiance. This is a suitable place for gatherings as it is spacious enough. It is strategically located at Jalan Kek Chuan, beside Macalister Road.

5) Moody Cow

This café is hard to miss. Along the busy street of Transfer Road, Moody Cow is painted in bright yellow on your left with a cow banner. This place is home-like and nostalgic. The interior is simple and comfortable. Dim lights make it even relaxing and perfect for gatherings or chit-chat. Far behind on the right side, walking through thick black curtain, is a place with different ambient of a mix of classic English yet with a touch of Chinese elements. A place worth exploring.

6) 15 Grams

image credit: 15-grams-coffee-bars.coffee.bar image credit: 15-grams-coffee-bars.coffee.bar

15 Grams share the same shop-lot as Room 18 Hair Saloon. Thus, you can have some Macha while waiting for your turn or waiting for your friend. It is not as spacious as it is attached to the saloon but surely is a getaway from your busy life. 15 Grams can accommodate about 15-20 people at one go and is picture perfect. The long tables facing the windows is the best spot for photo shooting. This new café is located in Mahsuri Promenade at Bayan Lepas.

7) Lavish

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Lavish is the sister café of the popular Love A Loaf bakeries. You can easily find Lavish in social media as they have been storming the media. The café is quaint and chic, different from the rest which is either modern or urban-like with white bricks and walls. It is decorated with a number of small potted plants, giving you the feeling as if you are dining in a garden. The café is also picture perfect and is located at Victoria Street.

8) HH+

It is easy to locate HH+ as it is located at New World Park. The café is spacious with lots of seats for big or small gatherings. Its interior design is modern-like with steel padded chairs. The waiters/ waitresses are very friendly.

9) Twelve Cup

Twelve Cup is not a new café. It is 5 years old. The café is hipstery with bright young vibe which will bring a moody mood back up. However, seats are limited here. Thus, if you plan to have a big gathering, it is advisable to first make a reservation. If you are familiar with Beach Street, you will find Twelve Cup at The Whiteaways Arcade.

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