9 Places to Chill at Penang
posted at: 27-05-2019 | author: foodcrush

1) Good Friends Club

With a local (Hokkien) dialect added to its tagline, Good friends never bojio , Good Friends Club on Jalan Gurdwara exudes sentiments when you first set eyes on it. Its counter top bar, old school aluminium fridge you see at coffee shops, floating shelves for mugs and glasses, posters of women from the 70s on the wall display a mixture of contemporary and retro ambience that accentuates the livelihood of Penang.

As the cafe comes alive after 7pm with glowing neon lights, unwind with its localised cocktails and nibbles while watching the world goes by or the likes. The cafe’s truffle fries are said to be the best in town! However, if f you opt for beers, the chicken wings are the perfect match.

Bojio means not calling someone along to an event or activity in Hokkien, a dialect predominantly spoken in Penang.

2) The Canteen, China House

To date, China house is the longest cafe in Penang, measuring at 120 m from end to end. Three adjoining heritage buildings linked together by a central courtyard, it has 14 spaces comprises shops, cafe, library, restaurants, galleries, and a multipurpose performance theatre. The opening of China House in 2011 has somewhat opened up the doors to the introduction of classic and contemporary themed cafes in Penang. With the preserved Peranakan architectural and modern interior, you can immerse yourself while exploring every nook and cranny.

We at Foodcrush are charmed by its bar, The Canteen, where it was rated as a hipster bar with great live music on weekends by The Lonely Planet. Dedicated to promote local artists, The Canteen gives out a casual, laid back vibe with sufficient room to squeeze pass when the place is packed. Serving bento box by day and comfort food by night, The Canteen is not a place to be missed with its jazzy, soulful music filling the street of Lebuh Victoria at night.

3) Patio Bar de Tapas

As its name implies, Patio means courtyard in Spanish, and it is what greets you when you walk through the small entrance in one of the shop lots on Weld Quay. The red brick walls, wooden furnitures, and rustic lightings decorated the interior of Patio that is of the atmosphere you find in Spain. The courtyard or the outdoor garden is an easy going catch-up space with an upper deck overlooking its own garden for private functions. The bar itself is taperedly designed to allow strangers to strike up casual conversations.

More of a bar than a restaurant, Patio is known for its Sangria, where four type are available: red wine, white wine, apple cider, and special mix. If you are not in the mood for Sangria, it also offers a delightful selection of cocktails and hard liquors. For non-drinker, Patio’s assortment of mocktails are equally enjoyable! You must not forget Patio’s enticing range of tapas while you are here as it goes well with its theme.

4) Chill Bar & Refuge

The vibe given out resonates with its name, chill. An open-air concept bar, tucked in an alley at Nagore Square, Chill Bar & Refuge is a place to be if you are looking to just chill. Serving magnanimous pitchers of beers, neon coloured shots, and cocktails, this bar hosts a number of occasions such as Singles’ Night and recently, Nagore Night, an outdoor party in collaboration with a few shops in lieu with Nagore Square’s third anniversary.

Whether you are single or taken, pop by Chill Bar & Refuge because all that matters is you are having a great time!

5) Mish Mash

Located on Muntri street that is part of the UNESCO heritage site, Mish Mash portrays a cosy European style sidewalk bar. Its myriad variety of cocktails, genuinely crafted by the bartenders have won many hearts despite the slightly higher-than-usual priced cocktails in Penang.

These still do not prevent second orders to be almost always placed as its cocktails never fail to give the extra kick and the element of surprise. While the cocktails have gotten plenty of love, the food offered is worth a try and is complementary to the cocktails.

6) 12 Senses

Combining mostly classic Asian and contemporary decor, 12 senses may be one of those places that have your eyebrows raised when you enter. Greeting you with red cloths hung elegantly from the ceiling, illuminated by traditional Chinese lanterns, this bar is among the few that has a live band serenading the crowd while they sip and chat over drinks.

image credit: jeffs1803 image credit: chingyutan

What is more intriguing though, is the huge portrait of an old-fashioned opera singer adorned behind the bar counter. Smiling coyly with her head tilted one side, one would think that a portrait is being flirtatious. And perhaps if you try out the bar’s concoction of cocktails, you may gain 7 more senses.

7) Georgetown Wine

Nestled on Leith street, Georgetown Wine was once a stable mews. Now, it is both a wine bar and restaurant that has been refurbished in good taste. Opened in October 2014, Georgetown Win serves an extensive range of wine, from artisan and boutique labels at its bar, while it delivers a fine dining experience at its restaurant.

image credit: georgetown-wines image credit: victorjohnplaton

For those opting for light snacks to pair with your choice of wine, there is a selection of charcuterie and cheese, crostini, and small plates. B lue cheese prosciutto, arugula pesto, ricotta with anchovy, smoked scarmoza, and roasted mushrooms are the few assorted toppings for crostini. As for meat lovers, you must simply try the 100-days aged Black Angus prime rib that is marinated with rosemary. Verdict: its smoky flavour melts in your mouth.

So don’t be afraid to try out the wines here as Georgetown Wine believes in letting their guests be adventurous!

8) Escobar Wine & Deli

For those who have watched the Netflix series of Pablo Escobar, this wine deli, and bar may have turned your heads on first mention. Situated at Pintal Tali street in one of the lots of the newly refurbished heritage building, Escobar is currently the only non-smoking deli serving mostly wines. However, it does offer the regular selection of beers, ciders, and hard liquors if you are not up for wines.

Undoubtedly with drinks come bar bites. Indulge in Escobar’s mango chicken skewers if you have sweet tropical craving, or the deep fried shrimps because it is hard to say no to fried food.

9) 1945 Restaurant & Bar

Situated strategically along Chulia street, one can spot this restaurant and bar’s rounded signage with 1945 written in white font on a black background. Unlike any typical restaurants and bars, 1945 serves both Japanese and Western cuisines. From bento to sashimi to lamb chop and fish & chips, this place will satisfy your cravings; Penang’s street food is within walking distance too!

Taking up two shop lots, 1945 is suitable for private events as it is spacious and well ventilated. The live band has been said to be interactive with gratifying tunes, which sounds like the perfect ending to one’s night.

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