Mookata Set for 3 Pax

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RM 49.00
RM 58.00

Served with 1 ala-carte meat selection of your choice, 2 plates signature pork slice,1 plate black pepper pork, crab stick, Japanese tofu, fishball, cabbage, water spinach, vermicelli, enoki mushroom.

Ala-carte meat selection:

Pork stomach 猪肚
Moopin 猪肉串
Bacon 培根
Bak Kua 肉干(金钱片)
Meatball w/ Pork Minched 爆浆丸
Meatball w/ Cheese 芝士肉丸
Scallop 扇贝
Patin Fish 鱼肉片
Dolly Fish 多利鱼片
Smoked Fish 熏鸭

Terms and conditions
  • Dine-in only. Take away not allowed.
  • Available to redeem at 5pm-12am only.
  • This deal is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Do not apply with other discount or promotional item.

金屋泰式火锅 Golden Houz Mookata Bayan Baru

  • 1-1-15, Tingkat Mahsuri 5, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Thai
  • Open at 05:00pm


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