Penang is a food heaven, wanted to know where to eat in Penang? Here are the places for you to look for the best food in Penang.

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23 places 13 Oct 2022

Supper Spots

Having late night cravings? Well, you've come to the right place! This collectio...

22 places 13 Oct 2022

Breakfast & Brunch

Whether it's an early or a-little-late start to the day, we've got you covered w...

16 places 13 Oct 2022

Tasty Pastries

Pastries are the perfect sweet and savoury snack! So take a moment to treat your...

21 places 13 Oct 2022

Western Cuisine

From simple cafes to classy establishments, browse through our collection of inc...

18 places 12 Oct 2022

Thai Food

A quick visit to these Thai restaurants will leave your taste buds satisfied! Th...

13 places 07 Oct 2022

Fine Dining Restaurants

Here's a list of the best upscale dining experiences Penang has to offer. Althou...

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