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23 places 13 Oct 2022

The Best Supper Spots in Penang

Supper Spots

Having late night cravings? Well, you've come to the right place! This collectio...

22 places 13 Oct 2022

Amazing Breakfast and Brunch in Penang

Breakfast & Brunch

Whether it's an early or a-little-late start to the day, we've got you covered w...

16 places 13 Oct 2022

Tasty Pastries in Penang

Tasty Pastries

Pastries are the perfect sweet and savoury snack! So take a moment to treat your...

21 places 13 Oct 2022

Incredible Western Food Restaurants in Penang

Western Cuisine

From simple cafes to classy establishments, browse through our collection of inc...

18 places 12 Oct 2022

The Best Thai Food in Penang

Thai Food

A quick visit to these Thai restaurants will leave your taste buds satisfied! Th...

13 places 07 Oct 2022

Fine Dining in Penang

Fine Dining Restaurants

Here's a list of the best upscale dining experiences Penang has to offer. Althou...

16 places 07 Oct 2022

Must-Try Burger Spots in Penang

Must-Try Burgers

Sometimes, all you need is a classic burger filled with juicy goodness! Check ou...

12 places 07 Oct 2022

Korean BBQ Restaurants in Penang

Korean BBQ

You can never go wrong with Korean BBQ! These KBBQ restaurants in Penang provide...

24 places 06 Oct 2022

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Penang

Sushi Spots

Craving a fresh plate of sashimi and tamagoyaki sushi? Well, worry not! Here's o...

12 places 06 Oct 2022

The Best Ramen in Penang

Top Ramen Picks

Ramen lovers unite! As we all know, nothing hits the spot like a flavourful bowl...

16 places 03 Oct 2022

Dimsum Restaurants in Penang

All About Dimsum

Discover your favorite Dimsum place in Penang here. From humble stalls to grand...

29 places 03 Oct 2022

Famous Street Food in Penang

Street Food Haven

From the iconic char kuey teow to the tasty asam laksa, Penang is well known for...

16 places 03 Oct 2022

The Best Korean Food in Penang

Authentic Korean Food

A fan of bibimbap, doenjang-jjigae and kimchi pancakes? Well, this collection is...

36 places 28 Sep 2022

The Most Instagrammable Penang Spots

Instagrammable Spots

Love to take OOTD? Love to take POTD? Then you shouldn't miss out on these insta...

43 places 28 Sep 2022

Desserts in Penang

Dessert Spots

In the mood for something sweet? Here's a selection of delectable desserts in Pe...

30 places 20 Sep 2022

The Best Bars in Penang

After-Work Drinks

The weekend is finally here! Wind down and have a drink or two at these phenomen...

44 places 15 Sep 2022

Must-Visit Cafes in Penang

Cafe Hopping

Penang has an incredible collection of charming cafes, all serving great ambianc...

10 places 09 Sep 2022

Amazing Mexican Restaurants in Penang

Mexican Food

Our delectable selection of burritos, tacos and quesadillas awaits you! Mexican...

20 places 09 Sep 2022

The Best Nasi Kandar Spots in Penang

Nasi Kandar Hunts

A visit to Penang is simply not complete without nasi kandar! From the famous Li...

12 places 06 Sep 2022

The Best Coffee Spots in Penang

Coffee Fix

Need your daily coffee fix? Check out these cafes and coffee bars!


Penang is a food heaven, wanted to know where to eat in Penang? Here are the places for you to look for the best food in Penang.